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"Be successful on YouTube": My experience at IF Italians Festival


Last week I was excited to attend the IF Festival in Milan on behalf of BuzzMyVideos.

The dominant theme of the event was creativity and thanks to BuzzMyVideos I had the chance to take part in a round table discussion called “Be successful on YouTube: creators’ tips and tricks” with other well known italian YouTubers such as Cane Secco, CottoeFrullato, iPantellas and Sistiana.

Together we discussed the right strategies to adopt in order to run a successful YouTube channel and the panel was moderated by the amazing Jacopo Morini.


We covered a variety of topics ranging from metadata optimisation to having good relationships with our fans and we each revealed our “secrets” for cultivating an engaged fan base. The top piece of advice that came out of the day for agencies and brands wanting to succeed on YouTube was to have a consistent and original format as it helps you to be discovered and to build your audience.


Speaking at the IF Festival was a great opportunity for me to help spread the word about the growth and potential of online video to reach audiences and as a platform that brands and agencies should be investing in.

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The IF Festival ran for three days from 2nd to 4th of October and was a huge success and our panel helped to spark a great discussion afterwards in the foyer. Personally I can’t wait to take part in the event next year!

Brunella Barbone Brunella Barbone (Audience Development / Partner Manager)

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